Mardi Gras

2016 — MA/US


Abbreviation IM
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

On the speaker's turn, he/she will select three topics from an envelope (or other such container), choosing one of them to perform. After the choice is made, the judge begins to time the event. The contestant has a total of 6 minutes to prepare and deliver his/her presentation. The time may be divided up as the contestant chooses. (Ex: 2 minutes prep, 4 minutes speaking). No outside materials, notes, props or costumes shall be used during presentation. A student has the option of using up to one 3”x5” index card of notes created during the preparation period. Index cards will be provided by the tournament staff. Impromptu topics may include proverbs, words, events, quotations or famous people.

Time: No minimum time, but the contestant must cover the subject adequately, 6 min. max., 30 second grace period.