Gracia Burkill Memorial

2015 — MA/US

Student Congress

Abbreviation SC
Format Congress
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry
Sample Ballot Download

Event Description:

In this event, students simulate a working House of Representatives or Senate of the US Congress. Students debate legislation they have written, conduct the rules and regulations of the chambers, and vote on enacting bills and resolutions. Students do not pretend to be members of the real US Congress, but instead speak for themselves and debate their own viewpoints. Students should debate the issues with eloquence and strong analysis and research on the legislation, as well as answering and countering the arguments of the opposing side where appropriate. Students should also conduct themselves fairly and responsibly in the workings of the chamber, and may be penalized for inappropriate or disruptive actions therein. The Student Congress will be run under the direction of a league official called the Parliamentarian. The Congress Chair will maintain guidelines and rules of conduct for the Student Congress.