Gracia Burkill Memorial

2015 — MA/US


Abbreviation MULT
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry Teams of between 3 and 8 competitors
Sample Ballot Download

Event Description:

This event requires the use of a manuscript. A group of 3-8 students will present a scene or scenes from published material (play(s), work(s) of prose, and/or work(s) of poetry. The material may be either serious or humorous in nature. The students may use vocal skills, facial expressions, and/or hand gestures to develop a narrator and character/s; however, the focus of the performers should be off-stage. The students may only touch and make eye contact during their own written introduction. If lines from the selection are used in the introduction, the contestants must adhere to the rules of the event. The presentation should include an introduction that cites the name(s) of the piece(s) and the author(s). The cutting should provide a cohesive scene or storyline (containing a definite beginning, middle and end). The material must be found in printed literature. Props, costumes, and other theatrical devices are prohibited; however, reader?s stands or stools may be used.

Time: 12 minute maximum, including introduction (30 second grace); no minimum.