VHSL Super Regions 5CD and 6AB Forensics 2023

2023 — Midlothian, VA/US

6AB Original Oratory

Abbreviation 6ABOO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry Limit Per School 2
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Purpose of Contest: The purpose of the original oratory contest is to train and encourage students to present speeches intelligently and truthfully, in an interesting and original manner, direct and conversational in delivery, clear in the arrangement and presentation, and with some profit to an audience, on any worthwhile topic suitable for a public speech.

Contest Regulations:

1. Each contestant shall deliver an original speech of his/her own writing not to exceed ten minutes in delivery. Any contestant who exceeds the established time limit by more than 30 seconds may not rank first or score highest in the round. The adjudicator will not provide time signals, nor may a student time him/herself. There is no minimum time requirement. Contestant must present the same speech in each round of a given tournament.

2. A speaker may not use a speech he has delivered in any previous year’s contest. The oration shall contain no more than 150 words of directly quoted material, nor shall the oration be a paraphrase taken completely from one source. The speaker shall clearly acknowledge the sources of any quotations used.

3. Speeches shall have been thoroughly prepared. During the delivery of his speech, the speaker shall be allowed to use both sides of two notecards each of which may not exceed 4” X 6” in size.

4. Each speaker is to prepare a manuscript of his speech for each round of the competition.

Examples of Judging Criteria

Appearance: speaker’s appearance is appropriate for competition

Poise: speaker is prepared, confident, composed

Organization: speech has distinct beginning (with strong thesis), middle (with supporting details and illustrations) and end (without mere restatement of thesis)

Relevance: speech is on-topic, reasoning is sound and supported with citations

Eye contact: appropriate, focused

Communication: speaker is conversational, presents material effectively in a way audience can understand content and speaker’s stance on topic; purpose (to inform/persuade) is achieved

Mechanics: diction, grammar, appropriately colorful vocabulary, pronunciation

Articulation: speaker enunciates, is understandable

Projection: speaker uses appropriate volume

Pace: pacing is appropriately varied, is not too fast or too slow

Movement: movement is meaningful and deliberate; posture is neither stiff nor slovenly; gestures are appropriate

Energy: speaker presents material with appropriate energy level, is not monotonous

Citations: speaker clearly and adequately acknowledges sources of quotes, statistics, etc.

Impact: presentation is impactful and arouses emotion in audience

Choice of Topic: topic is appropriate to speaker and audience, and is engaging