6th Annual Redmond Mustang Classic

2023 — Redmond, WA/US


Abbreviation SPAR
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Each spar panel will consist of multiple competitors divided as equally as possible into rounds. The debaters will toss a coin and the winner of the toss will choose whether she/he would like to choose position (affirmative or negative) or topic. The remaining debater will choose what the winner of the coin toss does not. The affirmative will have 1 minute of preparation before speaking must commence. The first affirmative speaker will give a 1-minute speech in favor of the resolution; immediately after that speech, the first negative speaker will refute the position in a 1-minute constructive. Following the opening statements, there will be a 2-minute open cross-examination. The pair should question each other and should be prepared to take at least a few questions from the panel of other competitors. Two rebuttal speeches of the affirmative and negative, each lasting 1 minute, shall complete the round. No preparation time during the debate is allowed and judges shall ensure that the time is kept such that each round finishes on time.