6th Annual Redmond Mustang Classic

2023 — Redmond, WA/US

The 6th Annual Redmond Classic

Will be Held at Redmond Middle School

10055 166th Ave. NE

Redmond, WA 98052

Coach contact information:

Stephen Thornsberry: sthornsberry@lwsd.org

Cell: 206-419-2961

Dear Coaches and Squads,

The Redmond High School Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to attend the 6th Annual Mustang Classic on February 10-11, 2023. We are pleased to offer Individual Events, Congressional Debate, Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Lincoln Douglas Debate. We will follow current WSFA rules.



Congressional Debate:

We will hold two 2 hour sessions on Friday evening and two 2 hour sessions for Super Congress on Saturday. (Divided into a House and a Senate)

We will use the Spring Legislation Packet

Awards will be given to the top 7 speakers and the top presiding officer in Super Congress.

Policy Debate:

We will use the 2022-2023 CX Topic. Rounds will follow the 8-3-5 format with 6 minutes of prep time per team. Speaker awards will be presented to the top 5 individuals.

Lincoln Douglas:

We will use the February LD Topic. Rounds will follow the 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format and have 4 minutes of prep time per competitor. Speaker awards will be presented to the top 5 competitors.

Public Forum:

We will use the February PF Topic. Rounds will follow WSFA PF time format with 3 minutes of prep time per team and 3 minutes for Summary Speeches. Speaker awards will be presented to the top 5 competitors.


IE’s will also only be offered at the open levels. All 8 State IE’s will be offered (Impromptu, Extemporaneous Speaking, Oratory, Informative Speaking, Program of Oral Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Dual Interpretation), as well as Tall Tales, and Editorial Commentary, and Poetry Slam.

Editorial Commentary:

Competitors in Editorial Commentary will each prepare a speech that lasts between 1 minute and 45 seconds and 2 minutes. This speech will be similar to an editorial column in a newspaper. The competitors will present their speeches and judges shall time them, with no grace period being provided for this particular event. Each competitor is allowed to print their speech on a sheet of paper and read from it during the event. Since competitors prepare their speech ahead of the round they will not be given a topic by the judge, but must simply present the speech that they have prepared. Time signals are permitted.

Tall Tales:

In a round of Tall Tales, each competitor has the task of creating a “tall tale” for the judge on the spot. Each competitor will be given a speaker number before the round and judges will be provided a list of speaker topics with the speaker number next to them. Each speaker’s topic will consist of three words, each of which must be used in the tall tale that they create. Speakers will be given 4 minutes with a 30 second grace period to both prepare and deliver their tall tale. There are no strict guidelines on what the tall tale may contain, except that it must contain the three words that the speaker is given at the start of the round.

Poetry Slam

Original work performed by the author; not to exceed 5 minutes. Material may be presented by memory or script.









Make checks payable to Redmond High School Speech and Debate. Payment of fees may be made in advance or during registration. Acceptable methods of payment are

1) School Check

2) School or District Purchase Order

3) Personal Check

Registration will occur through the website http://www.tabroom.com The deadline for registration is 9 pm Wednesday, February 8, 2023. Fees will be set on that day. Drops after that time will not be deducted from the entry fee. Please register early. If we run out of space, we will have to shut down registration.

Drops and changes: Please call or email about any changes to your registration as early as possible! Late changes have drastic impacts on the tournament schedule. The earlier you can get drops to us the better the chances are for an ON TIME tournament. Drops are best made by emailing Stephen Thornsberry at sthornsberry@lwsd.org.


The WIAA requires the presence, at all times, of a certificated staff member from the school or district supervising your participants. You will not be allowed to compete if you do not comply with this rule.

For all competitors: please do not enter the room until a judge is present. Coaches please inform your judges and students that tampering with the school’s technology is strictly prohibited; this includes use of computers or equipment, disconnecting any plugs or cables, etc. Failure to abide by this standard will result in the student or judge’s removal from the tournament plus any potential charges as a result of the infraction.


Each school is required to provide:

· One judge for every one to two debate teams in Policy

· One judge for every one to two Public Forum teams

· One judge for every two Lincoln Douglas debate entries

· Individual Events and Congressional Debate require one judge for 1-5 entries, two judges for 6-10 entries, three judges for 11-15 entries, and so on. One student competing in two events counts as two contestants. A Dual Interpretation pair is counted as one entry. Lack of a judge at registration will result in an automatic reduction in your school’s number of entries. In the interest of keeping to the schedule, judges are asked to FIRST turn their ballot in and THEN give feedback to the debaters IF requested.


Food will be provided for coaches and judges in the judges’ lounge located in the Redmond Middle School library on both Friday and Saturday. For students, concessions will be available for purchase in the cafeteria area.

WIFI is easily accessible by clicking on LWSD-GUEST. No password is needed.


From I-5 or I-405 take WA-520 E to Avondale Rd in Redmond. Continue on Avondale Rd. Turn left onto NE 104th St. Go past Redmond High School then turn left onto 166th Ave NE. Redmond Middle School will be on your right.

We look forward to seeing you in February! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Stephen Thornsberry

Head Coach

Redmond Speech/Debate



Redmond High School Tournament Schedule, February 10-11, 2023:

Friday, February 10

3:30 PM

Check In


Round 1 CX/LD/PF


Session I Congressional Debate


Round 2 CX/LD/PF


Session II Congressional Debate


Round 3 CX/LD/PF

Saturday, February 11

7:30 AM

IE Registration in front of RHS library


IE Round 1 (& Extemp draw)


Round 4 CX/LD/PF

Session III Congressional Debate (Super Congress)


IE Round 2 (& Extemp draw)

1:00 PM

Round 5 CX/LD/PF

Session IV Congressional Debate (Super Congress)


IE Round 3 (& Extemp draw)


Quarterfinals LD/PF

Semifinals/Finals CX


Semifinals LD/PF


IE Finals (& Extemp draw)


Finals LD/PF

8:15 (ASAP)