St Genesius Invitational

2023 — Asynchronous, GA/US

Prose Reading

Abbreviation PRO
Format Speech (Supplemental)
Entry Fee $8.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Description: Prose is often classified as the “other” category of interpretation. It’s not poetry. It’s not drama. It’s not storytelling. So what is prose? Prose combines multiple elements of oral interpretation of literature. Prose corresponds to usual patterns of speech — that which you would find most every day in a particular space and time (in contrast to poetic form and language). Prose typically has a narrative with its related rises and falls, much like Storytelling. Prose may also feature character development and dialogue, much like Dramatic Interpretation. Prose may have humorous elements embedded, much like Humorous Interpretation. In short, while many categories have specific interpretation focal points, Prose Interpretation is very wide open, and choices of material may vary from region to region or even tournament to tournament.

Time Limit: 5 minutes, 30 second grace period

Submission Instructions: 1 Video Through for all rounds

Rules: National Speech & Debate Association