Patriot Powerhouse

2022 — Herriman, UT/US

Novice HI/DI/duo

Abbreviation NIntrp
Format Speech
Entry Fee $4.00
Overall Entry Limit 40
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry Teams of between 1 and 2 competitors

Event Description:

Interpretation, contrary to its name, is not all about drama. While dramatic elements are key aspects of the event, super silly, melodramatic, or overly-sad selections are not ideal choices for performance. Interps lacks props, costuming, sets, and other luxuries seen in various forms of performance art. There is a set time limit of ten minutes, with a thirty second grace period. Students who choose to compete in the Interpretation should focus on suspending the disbelief of the audience by portraying a realistic, emotional journey of a character(s). The performance should connect to the audience.