38th Annual Stanford Invitational

2024 — NSDA Campus, CA/US
Policy - TOC Paradigm List
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Ali Abdulla Hire 6 rounds
Daynah Andrews Arizona College Prep Independant 3 rounds
Jax Armstrong Hire 6 rounds
Carol Beard Clear Springs High School 2 rounds
Sheima Ben-Abdallah Mamaroneck High School 3 rounds
Tyler Bettilyon West High School SLC
Brett Boelkens OES 3 rounds
Mckenna Brown Clear Springs High School 3 rounds
Yao Yao Chen Liberal Arts and Science Academy 3 rounds
David Coates Bellarmine College Preparatory 6 rounds
Tiera Colvin Bellarmine College Preparatory 6 rounds
Chris Cotrutsa Hire 6 rounds
Austin Davis Hire 6 rounds
Evander Davis Not WaRu 6 rounds
Kyujin Derradji Interlake HS 6 rounds
Henry Ediger George Washington HS 6 rounds
Clayton Engelby Hire 6 rounds
Rae Fournier Westminster 6 rounds
Ved Ganesh Hire 6 rounds
Natalie Gao Almaden Independent 5 rounds
Gerard Grigsby Brophy College Prep 3 rounds
Genevieve Hackman Sonoma Academy 6 rounds
Hunter Harwood Hire 6 rounds
David Heidt Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart 3 rounds
John Holen Lincoln East High School 6 rounds
Janaki Jain BASIS Peoria Independent 3 rounds
Nolan Johnson Edina High School 3 rounds
Sai Karavadi Bellarmine College Preparatory 6 rounds
Jordan Keller Fujian Farmers Independent 3 rounds
Aaron Kim ADL 1 rounds
Gabriel Koo Georgetown Day School
Reuben Lack Hire 6 rounds
Gage Larson Lovejoy High School 3 rounds
Alyssa Lee West High School SLC 3 rounds
Dan Lee Interlake HS 3 rounds
Jake Lee Mamaroneck High School 1 rounds
Andrew Liang College Prep 2 rounds
Slim Lim Interlake HS 2 rounds
Adam Lin Northwood High School 5 rounds
Lindsay Lowry Hire 6 rounds
Ian Mackey-Piccolo Hire 6 rounds
Andres Marquez Bellarmine College Preparatory 6 rounds
Drew Marshall St. Mark's School of Texas 6 rounds
Adam Martin Sonoma Academy 3 rounds
Erik Mathis St. Mark's School of Texas 6 rounds
Emilio Menotti James Logan High School 6 rounds
Cody Morrow St. Mark's School of Texas 5 rounds
Connor O'Brien Interlake HS 2 rounds
Uzoma Okeke BASIS Peoria Independent 3 rounds
Miles Owens George Washington HS 3 rounds
Bhavani Palanichamy Northwood High School 4 rounds
Jiyoon Park ADL 3 rounds
David Rabensteiner Westwood 6 rounds
Dana Randall Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
Eshaan Rawat Hire 6 rounds
Pavan Reddy Hire 4 rounds
Ishan Rereddy Westwood 2 rounds
Nicholas Rosenbaum Hire 6 rounds
Zoe Rosenberg College Prep 4 rounds
David Sanico Georgetown Day School 6 rounds
Conner Shih Almaden Independent 1 rounds
Navya Simha Archbishop Mitty 6 rounds
Dominic Stanley-Marcus Fox Chapel Area High School 3 rounds
jasmine stidham Hire 1 rounds
Joey Tarnowski The Altamont School 3 rounds
Lee Thach CL Academy 3 rounds
Chris Thiele The Quarry Lane School 6 rounds
Anthony Trufanov Interlake HS 3 rounds
Tania Vasquez Huntington Park High School 3 rounds
William Walker BASIS San Antonio Shavano 3 rounds
Micah Wang Taipei American School 5 rounds
Solomon Watson LOGYC 3 rounds
Ashley Wright Hire 6 rounds
ChiWon Yi Hire 6 rounds
Lawrence Zhou Taipei American School 4 rounds