38th Annual Stanford Invitational

2024 — NSDA Campus, CA/US
LD - TOC Paradigm List
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Maxine Adams Westridge School 3 rounds
Fortune Agburuga Barrington High School 3 rounds
Clement Agho-Otoghile Hire 6 rounds
Sira Ahuja Marlborough School 6 rounds
Priya Alagarsamy Jasper High School 3 rounds
Paul Aldrich Woodlands Independent 6 rounds
Javin Allen James Logan High School 6 rounds
Taha Amir Hire 6 rounds
Marcelo Andreu Muller Christopher Columbus High School 6 rounds
Nikki Aqui Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Aaron Barcio Northland Christian School 4 rounds
Joseph Barquin Marlborough School 6 rounds
Jordyn Bates West High School SLC 3 rounds
Alex Berry Isidore Newman School 6 rounds
Garrett Bishop Cypress Bay High School 6 rounds
Emma Blemaster Saint Francis High School 6 rounds
Meg Bodemer Durham Academy 4 rounds
Austin Broussard Northland Christian School 2 rounds
Scott Brown Honor Academy 6 rounds
Holden Bukowsky Heritage High Speech and Debate Club 6 rounds
Matt Burke Hathaway Brown School 3 rounds
Darrian Carroll Able2Shine 3 rounds
Matt Casas Lincoln East High School 6 rounds
Gary Chang Jasper High School 4 rounds
Isaac Chao Heights High School 6 rounds
Shahina Chatur Hire 6 rounds
Cynthia Chen Hire 6 rounds
Daniel Chen BASIS Silicon Valley 6 rounds
Iris Chen Stanford OHS 6 rounds
Jun Chen Amador Valley High School 6 rounds
Liang Chen Interlake HS 2 rounds
Sonia Chen La Cueva Independent 3 rounds
Maanik Chotalla Brophy College Prep 6 rounds
Ammu Christ Brentwood School (CA) 5 rounds
Amanda Ciocca Clear Lake High School 3 rounds
Travis Cochran Honor Academy 6 rounds
Michael Convey Hire 6 rounds
Amadea Datel Dublin High School Independent 3 rounds
Ron Davis St Michael Albertville High School 3 rounds
Norma Delgado Marlborough School 6 rounds
Raunak Dua Oak Ridge 6 rounds
Prakash Duggaraju Interlake HS 1 rounds
Aayush Dwivedi Mercer Island 3 rounds
Elizabeth Elliott Hire 6 rounds
Hakan Eskici Interlake HS 6 rounds
Chaz Espinal Wyche Newark Science 2 rounds
Michael Fain Trinity Valley School 6 rounds
Alan Fishman Los Altos High School 6 rounds
Jay-Z Flores Marlborough School 6 rounds
Nicholas Ford Isidore Newman School 6 rounds
Patrick Fox Hire 6 rounds
Delon Fuller West Des Moines Valley High School 3 rounds
Gil Gandionco Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Matthew Godslove Travis B. Bryan High School 3 rounds
Christian Han Marlborough School 6 rounds
Michael Harris Lynbrook HS 6 rounds
Elliot Harvanko Lakeville South High School 3 rounds
Amy Hong Anacortes Independent 3 rounds
Avery Horton Mercer Island 6 rounds
Lisa Howard Hire 6 rounds
Benny Hu Francis Parker School 3 rounds
David Huston Jasper High School 2 rounds
Sruthi Ilangovan Northland Christian School 6 rounds
Cyrus Jackson Harrison 3 rounds
Nayem Jahingir Jordan High School 6 rounds
Chasia Jeffries Loyola High School 6 rounds
Jeremiah Jolivette Heights High School 6 rounds
dylan jones McNeil High School 5 rounds
Sreenivasulu Kankanala Papaya Valley 6 rounds
Joe Kieklak Durham Academy 2 rounds
Annabelle Kim ModernBrain 3 rounds
Mark Kivimaki Seven Lakes High School 1 rounds
Gabrielle Kraft OES 6 rounds
Lukas Krause Archbishop Mitty 6 rounds
Guhan Krishnan Acton-Boxborough Regional High School 3 rounds
Atul Kumar Dougherty Valley High School 4 rounds
Yoyo Lei Clements Independent 6 rounds
Briajia Levi Harrison 6 rounds
Stephen Lewis Loyola High School 6 rounds
Feng Liang The Village High School 6 rounds
Kendall Lindsay Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy 3 rounds
Michael Liu Valley Christian High School 3 rounds
Nethmin Liyanage Loyola High School 6 rounds
Michael Lovaglio Hire 6 rounds
Upal Mandal Dougherty Valley High School 2 rounds
Srinivas Maram Dougherty Valley High School 4 rounds
Bryon May Jonesboro 3 rounds
Calvin McMahon Wayzata 3 rounds
Bernardo Medeiros Lake Highland Preparatory School 3 rounds
Vikram Menon Washington Independent 3 rounds
Kyle Mesler Palmer Hills Independent 6 rounds
Jonathan Meza Marlborough School 6 rounds
Adam Mimou Hire 6 rounds
Sabeeh Mirza Marlborough School 2 rounds
David Mogadati DuPont Manual High School / Youth Performing Arts School 6 rounds
Helen Moon Flower Mound High School 3 rounds
Pradeep Narra Dougherty Valley High School 4 rounds
Vishnu Nataraja Clear Lake High School 3 rounds
Anita Natzkova-Zvetkova MAST@FIU 6 rounds
Jesse Nguyen Lincoln East High School 6 rounds
Vanessa Nguyen Marlborough School 6 rounds
Venkat Nittala Mountain House High School 6 rounds
Mira Ayaka Ogawa Northwood High School 3 rounds
Temitope Ogundare Newark Science 1 rounds
Nelson Okunlola Marlborough School 6 rounds
Elysian Orlando Hire 6 rounds
Isaiah Ortiz West High School SLC
Alaric Pan Charlotte Latin School 6 rounds
Asenat Pantoja Marlborough School 6 rounds
Byoung Park Interlake HS 6 rounds
Deep Patel Dougherty Valley High School 4 rounds
Neha Pendyala William G. Enloe HS 3 rounds
Zach Perry Hire 3 rounds
Zakai Petilon Hire 6 rounds
Jack Quisenberry Monta Vista High School 6 rounds
Dhruv Raghavan Monta Vista High School 3 rounds
Shaker Raini West Windsor Plainsboro High School North 3 rounds None
Krishna Rao Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS 6 rounds
Sreedhar Rao Wilcox High School 6 rounds
Katie Raphaelson Brentwood School (CA) 6 rounds
Ajay Rawal Dougherty Valley High School 6 rounds
Michael Reichle Claudia Taylor Johnson Independent 3 rounds
Claudia Ribera Hire 6 rounds
Edward Rumbos-Perez Flintridge Preparatory 6 rounds
Marianne Russo Olympic Heights Community High School 3 rounds
Isaiah Salgado Marlborough School 6 rounds
Jai Sehgal Riverside 6 rounds
Deepak Shah American High 6 rounds
Sejal Sharma Hire 6 rounds
Andrew Shea Hire 6 rounds
Bryce Sheffield Phillips Exeter Academy 3 rounds
R.A. Shetty Shetty Independent 3 rounds
Paul Shone Palo Alto High School 3 rounds
Ryan Si Hire 6 rounds
Alexis Sibanda Mission San Jose High School 6 rounds
Nidhi Soni DuPont Manual High School / Youth Performing Arts School 6 rounds
Pratham Soni Lincoln East High School 1 rounds
Mahalakshmi Srinivasan Dougherty Valley High School 2 rounds
Matthew St-Germain Hire 6 rounds
Hannah Stafford The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men 3 rounds
Elizabeth Su Hire 6 rounds
Arjun Surya Seven Lakes High School 3 rounds
Vasudevan Swamidurai BASIS Scottsdale High School 6 rounds
Nikita Tanguturi Hire 6 rounds
Andrew Tran The Davidson Academy Of Nevada 3 rounds
Nishith Tripathi BIGGEST BIRD INSTITUTE 3 rounds
Sasha Turner Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy 3 rounds
Freyaan Vimadalal Clements Independent 6 rounds
Luke Vu Summit HS 6 rounds
Jin Wang Memorial High School 6 rounds
Katie Wang Canyon Crest Academy 6 rounds
Zi Wang Greenwich HS 3 rounds
William Ward Cheyenne Central High School 6 rounds
Jack Wareham Oakwood School (North Hollywood) 3 rounds
Vontrez White Marlborough School 6 rounds
Avery Wilson BASIS San Antonio Shavano 3 rounds
DI Wu Mountain Lakes High School 3 rounds
Jen Hua Wu University High School, Irvine 3 rounds
Ari X Phillips Exeter Academy 3 rounds
Huiming Xu East Chapel Hill High School 3 rounds
Coralynn Yang OCSA Independent 3 rounds
Sarah Zhou Canyon Crest Academy 6 rounds
Amanda Zhu Project Dialogue Academy 6 rounds