Mid America Cup

2022 — West Des Moines, IA/US
Policy Paradigm List
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Heden Abdulahi Eagan High School 4 rounds
Ralph Anderson Winston Churchill HS 3 rounds
Elena Belashchenko The Abraham West Independent Debate Club 5 rounds
Cana Blanton Winston Churchill HS 3 rounds
Peter Chase Rowland Hall 4 rounds
Amanda Flashner Lexington HS 4 rounds
Tim Freehan New Trier High School 5 rounds
Izak Gallini-Matyas Minneapolis South 4 rounds
Josh Groven Eagan High School 5 rounds
Robert Groven Eagan High School 3 rounds
John Holen The Abraham West Independent Debate Club 2 rounds
Margaret Jones New Trier High School 3 rounds
Chris Jun Edina High School 3 rounds
Gabriel Koo Georgetown Day School 2 rounds
Kevin Krouse Hire 6 rounds
Lorilei Lassen Rowland Hall 2 rounds
Eleanora Lawrence Lexington HS 4 rounds
Eli Leadham Hire 6 rounds
sim luo Georgetown Day School 4 rounds
Ian Mackey-Piccolo Westwood 6 rounds
Chris McDonald Eagan High School 3 rounds
Rishi Mukherjee Lexington HS 4 rounds
Eric Oddo Niles West High School 3 rounds
Jeff Plinsky Lawrence HS 2 rounds
EC Powers West High School SLC 3 rounds
Caleb Prost Edina High School 6 rounds
Joel Rose Lawrence HS 2 rounds
Townes Schultz Hire 6 rounds
Simon Sheaff Dowling Catholic High School 3 rounds
Tyler Snelling Hire 6 rounds
Zach Thiede Rowland Hall 3 rounds
Lauren Velazquez Niles North High School 6 rounds