Arkansas District Tournament In Honor of Jennifer Akers

2022 — AR/US
Speech (Speech) Paradigm List
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Jenny Billingsley Har-Ber High School None
Donna Bowman Conway HS None
Brandon Box-Higdem Bentonville High School
Savanah Brinkley Cabot High School None
Joel Brown Har-Ber High School 8 rounds
Sarah Caudle Russellville HS Forensics/Debate None
Greenlee M Crow Hire 8 rounds
Esperanza DeSpain Hire 8 rounds None
Andrea Dorantes Hire 8 rounds
Josh Ferguson Conway HS None
David Freeman Har-Ber High School None
Ursula Galvez Har-Ber High School None
Jessica Graham Har-Ber High School 8 rounds None
Michael Gray Hire 8 rounds
Casey Griffith Conway HS None
Dr Marian Hendrickson Don Tyson School of Innovation
breanna hiatt Hire 8 rounds None
Sarah Humphrey Russellville HS Forensics/Debate None
Tanner James Cabot High School None
Denise Karl Conway HS None
Hannah Grace Kelly Conway HS 8 rounds None
Clayton Kincade Cabot High School
Scottie Lawrence Hire 8 rounds
Lucas Kyle McDaniel Hire 8 rounds None
Madison Meek Conway HS 8 rounds None
Mandy Meek Conway HS None
Estefani Ramirez Hire 8 rounds None
Kayla Roat Bentonville High School
Chloe Solis Conway HS 8 rounds None
Nikki Stone Hire 8 rounds None
Mandy Taylor Searcy High School None
Malley Terrones Hire 8 rounds None
Ardyn Townzen Hire 8 rounds
Dawn Tucker Jonesboro
Tiffany Tucker Cabot High School None
Leigh Walters Little Rock Central
Maryyah Williams Jonesboro None
Ari Ziegler Hire 8 rounds None