Arkansas District Tournament In Honor of Jennifer Akers

2022 — AR/US
Debate (Debate: Public Forum and LD) Paradigm List
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Hadley Elizibeth Adkison Hire 8 rounds
Ibitayo L Babatunde Hire 8 rounds
Amber Beard Cabot High School
Trey Bowerman Hire 8 rounds
Sophia Jean Brandon Fayetteville High School 8 rounds None
Austin Broussard Hire 8 rounds
Jason Childs Cabot High School None
Adam Cox Dardanelle High School
Greenlee M Crow Hire 8 rounds
Parag Deshpande Conway HS None
Esperanza DeSpain Hire 8 rounds None
Adrian Esau Cabot High School
Christen Estrada Little Rock West High School of Innovation None
Dice Ferguson Hire 8 rounds
William Fry Cabot High School
Colton Gilbert Little Rock Central
Michael Gray Hire 8 rounds
Briana Griffin Hire 8 rounds
Lisa Haddock Cabot High School
Kohl Harrison Russellville HS Forensics/Debate None
Tre Jones Fayetteville High School None
Zayd Kelley Cabot High School
Rachel Mauchline Cabot High School 8 rounds
Mickey McFetridge Har-Ber High School None
Harrison Mobbs Cabot High School
Abbey Montgomery Bentonville High School 8 rounds
Eva Ouma Har-Ber High School None
Sean Petersen Don Tyson School of Innovation
Tonya Reck Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Damion Reeves Hire 8 rounds
Trey Roark Hire 8 rounds
Ben Saddler Cabot High School
Jessica Skordal Bentonville West High School
Eli Stroud Dardanelle High School
Malley Terrones Hire 8 rounds None
Achal Thakore Hire 8 rounds None