Coppell Classic Swing

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US
World Schools Paradigm List
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Nicholas Aranda--ONLINE Greenhill School 4 rounds
Bob Beideck Hire 4 rounds
Jane G Boyd Hire 4 rounds
Jae Chang Hire 4 rounds
Obinna Dennar Hire 4 rounds
Glenda Ferguson Hire 4 rounds
Olivia Fowler The Kinkaid School 4 rounds None
Hans Gebauer Greenhill School 4 rounds
Shanthi Gunna Hire 4 rounds
Ethan Jiang Hire 4 rounds
Jianlan (Julia) Lu St John's School 4 rounds None
Wesley Lummus The Hockaday School 4 rounds None
Desiree Marquette Malone Hire 4 rounds
Shinjini Mukherjee The Hockaday School 4 rounds None
Claire L Perkins Hire 4 rounds
JR Timmons Greenhill School 2 rounds None
Vahe Tovmasian NBSSDebate 2 rounds
Chuck Walts The Hockaday School 2 rounds
Geoffrey Zhang Hire 4 rounds