Central Minnesota District Tournament

2019 — US

Central Minnesota District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
Minnesota State Capitol
Minneapolis, MN
Wed 11/13 Wed 11/13 HOU SEN
Como Park High School
St. Paul, MN
Fri 12/13 Sat 12/14 CX
St. Paul Academy
St. Paul, MN
Sat 12/14 Sat 12/14 LD PF
Woodbury High School
Woodbury/Eagan, MN
Fri 3/13 Sat 3/14
East Ridge High School
Woodbury, MN
Sat 4/25 Sat 4/25

Extemp.Speaking Round Areas / Question Selection

Step One:  You are welcome to submit suggested questions directly to me (Todd.Hering@District196.org) via e-mail.  The deadline for submitting questions is 7:00 AM on Friday, March 6.   Please organize your submissions using the category headers below.  We are striving for questions that are reasonable for less experienced speakers.  We also want the general difficulty level of questions to be consistent. 

Step Two:  You are welcome to attend the question selection meeting which will be held at Lakeville North on Saturday, March 7.  We will meet at the tab room at Lakeville North High School at 9am and work until we’re done.   If I get a specific room location for our meeting, I will send that out in advance. 

Step Three:  After the questions are selected, we will prepare detailed round descriptions for each category to help guide student preparation.  This is to ensure that all programs are able to prepare well even if they are not represented at the question selection meeting.  This description will be e-mailed out to all participating schools.

Important:  The questions selected are not to be revealed to students.  You may share topic areas and topic descriptions that are made available, but not the specific questions that are selected.


Politics (Semi-finals, 2 flights of different questions)

Economic Issues

Immigration, Security & Legal Issues

Public Policy

Social Issues

Science & Technology





Middle East

Africa and The Americas

US Foreign Policy  (Semi-finals, 2 flights of different questions)

Global Issues & Global Economy