KHSSL Junior State Speech Tournament


Entry Deadlines and Entry Limits

Entry deadline is 11 PM on February 21. Eastern. This is a firm deadline for judges and entries; no adds after.


The Final Deadline will be Thursday, February 27, at 5 PM Eastern. This is when the extra drop fees kick in (see Drop Fee Schedule).


After February 21, changes go through the KHSSL email address ONLY




You may ONLY enter as many entries as you entered for Regionals. If you applied for and were granted exemptions, these students are considered part of your roster for state. Names and entry numbers will be checked before your state entry is considered accepted. Remember that students must have either attended the Regional tournament or been granted an exemption to be eligible for the state tournament. As the coach, you vouch for this qualification as a part of the KHSSL Code of Ethics when you enter your students for State tournaments.


In each speech event, you may have up to three (3) entries. Each individual student may enter up to three (3) events. These entries DO NOT have to be the same students who competed in these events at the Regional tournament, though of course the students must be eligible for state competition.


 You do not have to enter students in the same categories as you did at Regionals. The only restriction is TOTAL NUMBER of entries. This cannot exceed your Regional total.