FGCCFL Grand Finals

2020 — St. Petersburg, FL/US

2. Judging Requirements

One (1) judge for every four (4) IE entries.
One (1) Congress judge for schools with Congress entries.
One (1) judge for every two (2) LD entries.
One (1) judge for every two (2) PFD team entries.
One (1) judge for each TD team entry.

COACHES: You are expected to attend the tournament. Do not count yourself in your judge quota as we must be able to use you where needed! This may include parliamentarian, judging, or tab staff. Judges should be cross-trained. Remember that you need to meet debate and congress quotas for Friday AND Saturday; if judges are attending one day only, please indicate their availability on Tabroom (this is an option after they are added; DO NOT use judge notes for this purpose).