FGCCFL Grand Finals

2020 — St. Petersburg, FL/US

1. General Information

Events: All NCFL Events. No double entries. No more than FOUR entries per event. We will use the MARCH topic for PFD and the MARCH/APRIL topic for LD.

Friday Fees (Debate and Congress): $35 per competitor includes tournament fees, Friday grab-n-go meal, host/lunch fee for Saturday. Friday fees for judges and other adults $5.00. One complimentary grab-n-go for head coach.

Saturday: (ALL Events) IE entries $30 per competitor, includes tournament fees and host/lunch fee. Saturday fees for judges and other adults $10. One complimentary lunch for head coach. Checks should be made out to FGCCFL for the full amount.

FYI: Any school that has outstanding FGCCFL debts, does NOT pay for Grand Finals registration in full, or does not pay for drops prior to the start of the tournament will not be allowed to compete in the tournament. Plan accordingly.

NCFL National Fees: Coaches are reminded they are responsible for FULL $60 fee per each qualifier. Schools will be invoiced at the mandatory coaches’ meeting following awards. It is recommended that coaches bring a personal check to Grand Finals to make full payment. Receipts will be signed for bookkeepers. Final due date is NO LATER than Monday, March 9, 2020. ALL final registration including judges must be reported to Terri St. John via email no later than Friday, March 13, 2020.

Food: Closed campus (FGCCFL rule). Please remember to order Friday grab-n-go and Saturday lunches on Tabroom for all competitors and judges. ONE complimentary grab-n-go and one complimentary lunch will be provided to each school for the head coach. Coaches MUST enter meals for Friday and Saturday on Tabroom. Email Brian Yarbrough with meal totals by registration deadline yarbroughb@pcsb.org