Greenhill Fall Classic

2019 — Addison, TX/US

Entourage Rule/Conflict Guidelines


1 – We have an “entourage rule” - All adults should be in the pool for a minimum of one round. If there is a personal/medical reason a person is unable to adhere to this request, please reach out to us privately to discuss this specific issue. 

2 – We will make a determination on whether a judge listed is consistent with our request for a judge that has the ability to judge a minimum four preliminary rounds. If a judge is writing on a paradigm “don’t prefer me as I know nothing except to write this to avoid fines,” that school/competitor needs to hire a judge. A well-meaning parent traveling without debate training is admirable, but not consistent with the type of judging coaches and competitors have come to expect at the Greenhill Fall Classic. 

3 – Conflicts – List them in Tabroom. If you come to us after pairings are done with a known, but previously unreported conflict, we will likely just remove prefs for all student competitors that judge is linked to. The entry of conflicts needs to be done BEFORE the rounds start. If in the rare instance a conflict develops during the tournament, come to us before the next pairings are released.

In the spirit of transparency, is the affirmative obligation of all individuals who are coaching and/or sharing materials with other schools/debaters in private prep sharing arrangements to actively conflict themselves from judging those students/schools. Individuals found to have violated this norm will cause all individuals coached by those persons to have their judge preferences removed for the duration of the event.

A reminder, all parties which are part of a school’s staff in either an official or unofficial capacity (which are eligible/qualified judges) be available for at least one preliminary round to make the pool as large as possible to reflect the diversity of perspectives that is "national circuit debate.” The determination of "eligible/qualified" is left up to the tournament staff. We will not use community judges at the Greenhill Fall Classic.