Greenhill Fall Classic

2019 — Addison, TX/US

Independent Entries


We understand that not all schools have the same level of resources and/or that certain coaches may have a different perspective about certain competitive circuits that are inconsistent with those of student competitors and/or families. Regardless, we feel that school supported debate programs are essential for the long term health of the activity. 

1 – Any competitor not attending with a school employee must have payment received by September 4 or the entry will be deleted. 

2 – If a school employee is not attending with the student, be reminded that a school official must email Aaron Timmons giving permission for the responsible adult to act on behalf of the student/school. 

3 - All teams must register as their school.

We require every team to be chaperoned by an individual who is either a school employee or has written authorization by the school principal to act and make decisions at the tournament on behalf of the school (this means, but is not limited to: carrying emergency medical information, to make decisions that can impact future attendance by the school - such as paying fines, etc. - anything a school employee would be expected to do). An acceptable alternative is an adult who has been background checked by the school and who has the approval of the school to assume full responsibility for the care of students of that school while at the tournament. Schools will be asked to list who that adult will be as a condition of final registration. It is the expectation of the tournament that all competitors must have the adult described above with them at registration; STUDENTS MAY NOT REGISTER THEMSELVES. If the responsible adult is not a school employee, the school's principal/Head of School should email Aaron Timmons at to give the authorization to act on the school’s behalf from their school email address.