Pine Richland TriState Invitational

2020 — Gibsonia, PA/US

Judging & Observing

All judges please be aware of the rules for observing rounds (below), and please strictly enforce these rules.

A link to a judging handbook covering all events is available for viewing, downloading, and/or printing on the right navigation bar.


Please be aware that every school is entitled to one optional strike per judging pool.  The strike will prevent any one judge from judging your a certain school across all events covered by that judging pool.  The in place for both preliminary as well as elimination/break rounds.  Again, the strike is optional, so you do not have to utilize one if you don't wish to do so.


Important rules for observing rounds:

Due to concerns on recording competition and/or flowing (taking notes) on competition, the following rules will be in place for observers (judges are exempted):

1. No technology can be used by any observer at any time during the round.  This includes any phone use.

2. No one may have any materials out including pens, pencils, paper, or notebooks.

3. All observers must first ask permission from all competitors that are competing in the round and all judges that are judging the round.  The only exception is for final rounds.

4. Competitors and judges may decline observation for any reason and are not required to provide a reason.  Unanimous consent is required from all judges and competitors for observation to take place.  Again, the only exception is for final rounds.

5. All final rounds will be open for observation by as many people that can fit in the room without distracting or disrupting competition.  Rules #1 and #2 will still apply without exception.