Raymond B Furlong Tournament

2019 — Montgomery, AL/US


The Furlong Invitational Schedule February 2019


Registration will take place on Friday, February 22 from 4:00pm to 4:30pm in Furlong Hall on the Saint James campus. After registration, debate events will begin at 5:00pm. Individual events will take place on Saturday. The schedule is tentative and subject to change.


Friday, February 22nd


4:00-4:30: Registration (Furlong Hall)

4:30: Judges Assembly (Furlong Library)

         Student Assembly (PAB—Performing Arts Building)

5:30: Round I—LD and PF

6:30: Round II—LD, and PF

7:30: Round III—LD and PF

8:30: Round IV—LD and PF

9:30: Round V— PF


REVISED Saturday, February 23rd



8:00-8:30: Registration for schools competing in IEs only (Furlong Hall)


8:30: Judges Meeting (Furlong Library)


         Student Meeting (PAB)


9:00: Quarter Finals Debates Begin


         Round I, Flight A (Imp, Info, OI)


10:00: Round I Extemp Draw


10:30: Round I, Flight B (HI/DI, OO, Extemp)


11:00: Semi Finals Debates Begin


12:00: Round II, Flight A (Imp, Info, OI)


12:30: Round II Extemp Draw


1:00: Round II, HI/DI, OO, Extemp, IMP INFO


2:00  Final Extemp Draw


2:30: IE (HI/DI, OO, Extemp, Imp, OI)


4:00: Awards Ceremony (PAB)