Raymond B Furlong Tournament

2019 — Montgomery, AL/US


Tournament Details

Entry Limits Per School:

Initially each school will only be allowed six entries per event. All entries after the sixth entry will be put on a waitlist.

Judging Requirements:

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate, three rounds of judging are required per team. In Public Forum Debate, one judge can cover three teams. In Speech, one judge can cover five entries.



Deadlines/Important Dates:

- January 17, 2019: Registration opens.

- February 18: Deadline to add entries or register new competitors on Tabroom. All fees and judging requirements will be locked at this time. You will not be able to add new entries after this date, but you be able to drop entries.

- February 18: Deadline to drop entries on Tabroom.
Any drops between Wednesday, February 20 and Thursday, February 21 will result in forfeiture of original entry fee plus a penalty of $25 per drop. Drops between February 20 and February 21 will not alter the number of judges required. These drops must be sent to Lonny Harrison via email (lharrison@stjweb.org).

Entry Fees

Per Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Entry                   $15

Per Novice Lincoln-Douglas Entry                   $15

Per Policy Entry                                               $30

Per Varsity Public Forum Entry                        $30

Per Speech Entry                                             $15


Hired Judging:

The tournament will have limited hired judging available. The rates are $200 to cover up
to three PF/LD/Policy entries and $150 to cover up to five Speech entries (with Duo teams counting as one entry). The cost to cover a Speech entry is $60 per entry.

Hired judging fees are not refundable. All judging requests need to be communicated to Mr. Harrison at lharrison@stjweb.org. You will receive an email either confirming your request or letting you know if we cannot accommodate it. Requests should be communicated prior to Monday, February 18.



The penalty for a judge failing to report to a preliminary debate/speech is $50 per round
missed. For an elimination round, this penalty is $100. This includes when a judge is obligated to the tournament for judging and fails to report to a scheduled round, even if a replacement judge has been secured. These penalties have to be paid before a team is allowed to advance to the next stage of elimination debates. Every judge is obligated to judge one round past where a debater drops from the tournament and in the Finals of all Speech events.