April Speech and Debate Online Tournament ASDOT

2024 — NSDA Campus, US

Breaks, Draw Events, and Other Info

In both speech and debate events, only necessary elimination rounds will be held.
In debate events all winning records will clear and elimination rounds will be held as necessary. Divisions (JV/Varsity) of the same event may be combined if entry numbers are low.
In speech, if any event has less than 4 entries then it will either be combined with another similar event or it will not be offered. This decision will hopefully be made by Wednesday, April 10th, 2024. If there are events you wish to be offered, please let the tournament director know. Some events with low numbers may be held asynchronously. These decisions will also be made by Wednesday, April 10th, 2024. See the page titled Tiebreakers for all tiebreakers.

Students in impromptu will enter the NSDA Campus room provided to them and the judge will put in the chat three prompts and the students will select one by typing the number that the prompt is. The speaker before them will speak while the student turns off their mic and preps. Judges will receive topics by email before the round begins.
For students in USX or FX questions will be on a Google Document for the whole round, the student will select their topic by highlighting it and prep for 30 min. Students, coaches, and judges will have access to the Google Document for the duration of the round.

If an event has a large number of entries, it may be split into Novice and Varsity divisions. Please keep an eye out to see if this occurs. It will be communicated with coaches if it does.
There will be no observers in any NSDA rooms. High school juniors and seniors with at least 200 NSDA points may judge Novice divisions. All rules will default to the NSDA's rules.