ACTAA Arkansas State Championship

2024 — Little Rock, AR/US

Judge Information

The Arkansas State Championship is the culmination of season-long and for many, career-long hard work by competitors, coaches, and programs. It is the affirmative responsibility of programs to enter qualified judges to fulfill your school's judging commitment. Additionally, it is the expectation of the committee that schools adequately prepare their judges for the event categories in which they are entered.

Very Important --

All coaches must be entered for a minimum of two (2) rounds even if your school's judging burden is otherwise met. If your school's burden is not met, coaches should enter themselves appropriately. We want to ensure that our qualifiers receive the most thoughtful adjudication and feedback at this important tournament; as such, we want our state's coaches to lend their expertise to this endeavor.

We encourage you to take time to review ACTAA ballots and event rules and expectations. All event rules will be strictly enforced.