NPDL Nationals and Novice Nationals

2024 — NSDA Campus, US


If a debater thinks there has been a violation of the NPDL Round Rules, they should do the following immediately after the round is completed:

1. Contact their Coach or Chaperone (“Coach”) and discuss the issue.

2. Review the NPDL Round Rules with their coach and determine if there was a protestable violation. Subsections that are grounds for a protest are marked with an asterisk. 3. If their Coach agrees there was a protestable violation, the Coach should use this Google Form to provide details of the alleged offense for the Protest Committee to review. Only a Coach (or tournament staff) may file a protest (see XIII.1.A). Subsections not marked with an asterisk and other issues that do not affect the outcome of the round are not handled by the Protest Committee, but may be referred to the Equity Committee.

If a participant thinks there was a violation of the NPDL Equity policy, they should complete the intake form.