FGCCFL Novice Championship

2024 — Bradenton, FL/US

Extemp Topic Areas

Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2024 FGCCFL Novice Championship will use the following topic areas:

  • Round 1: 2024 US Elections
  • Round 2: Global "Hot Spots"
  • Round 3: Science, Technology, Space, and Climate
  • Round 4: Political Cartoons

These topic areas should be interpreted broadly.

About Political Cartoons: The Round 4 prompts will be political cartoons rather than traditional questions. Students will blindly choose three cartoons, then select one on which to base their speech. Contestants are not being asked to analyze the cartoon or to defend or refute its message. Rather, they are to compose and answer their own Extemp question based on the cartoon (or some part thereof). The question should be one that can reasonably be answered in a 7-minute Extemp speech after 30 minutes of preparation.