NM State Speech Debate Championship

2024 — Rio Rancho, NM/US

Belonging and Inclusion

Belonging and Inclusion Form

What is a Belonging and Inclusion Station?

The Belonging and Inclusion Station is a tournament resource designed to provide interpersonal support to participants who feel excluded from an aspect of the tournament. The BIS also safeguards against potential violations of the NSDA Harassment and Discrimination policy.

NSDA Belonging and Inclusion Station

What is the purpose of a Belonging and Inclusion Station?

The BIS may serve as a resource for any student, coach, judge, or official participating at a tournament to seek interpersonal support or raise concerns an individual feels harassment and/or discrimination has occurred.

    • An individual makes inappropriate remarks or jokes about traditionally marginalized groups.
    • A really powerful speech (that violated no rules) triggers emotions in a contestant or judge and they need space to process their feelings.