2024 — Davie, FL/US

Speech Schedule (Finalized)


Registration for Speech Only Schools 8-8:30am in Lobby of AutoNation Center for the Arts

Round 1A: 9am (Extemp Prep @ 8:30am)

Round 1B: 10:15am

Round 2A: 12pm (Extemp Prep @ 11:30am)

LUNCH 12:30p-1:30p

Round 2B: 1:15p

Round 3A 3pm (Extemp Prep @ 2:30pm)

Round 3B: 4:15pm

Round 4A: 6pm (Extemp Prep @ 5:30pm)


Round 4B: 8:30am

Round 5A: 10:15am (Extemp Prep at 9:45am)

Round 5B: 11:30am

LUNCH 12-1pm (Food trucks!)

Quarters (EXT/OO/IMP) 1:30pm (Extemp Prep at 1:00pm)

Semis (EXT/OO/IMP/DI/HI/INFO) 3:30pm (Extemp Prep at 3:00pm)

Finals (all events) 5:30pm (Extemp Prep at 5pm)

Awards at 7pm