New Tech Coppell

2024 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Event Information


  1. Section A: DA, HI, INF, IX, NX, PO, USX
  2. Section B: DI, DUO, IMP, OO, POI, PR
  3. Congress may not cross-enter in Section B.
  4. Debaters may not cross-enter in Section B.
  5. Unlimited cross-entries are otherwise allowed, but the tournament will not be responsible for missed rounds.


  1. Make all entries using this website.
  2. An adult representative must be available for contact through the tournament.
  3. A novice is defined as anyone who has not competed in high school forensics prior to this school year.
  4. Brackets will not be broken in varsity debate.
  5. Sweepstakes will use the Tabroom default settings.


  1. We will follow TFA event & tabulation rules wherever applicable.
  2. Lincoln-Douglas debate will use the NSDA topic for January/February.
  3. Cross-Examination debate will use the NSDA Topic.
  4. Public Forum debate will use the NSDA January topic.
  5. Congress Docket and World Schools Prepared Motions will be announced ASAP.
  6. Impromptu will offer 7 minutes total to draw, prep, and speak.


  1. Panels will be used in elimination rounds of TFA qualifying events whenever possible.
  2. Varsity debaters with at least 250 NSDA points may be used as NCX, NLD, and NX.