North Catholic Invitational

2023 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

Belonging and Inclusion Station

Belonging and Inclusion Station

The Belonging and Inclusion Station (BIS) exists to address violations of harassment and discrimination policies and provide a safe space for individuals who report harassment and discrimination incidents at tournaments.

At the North Catholic tournament, we will have a BIS-trained officer available on Saturday to address any of the issues mentioned above that might occur at this tournament. If anyone has any concerns about things that have happened, we urge you to come to the judges' lounge/tab table where you will find Mrs. Erin Wolf who will help you with your concerns. Please note that Mrs. Wolf will not be addressing tournament issues (entries omitted from a round, times of sessions, etc.), but she will deal with issues, if necessary, as described below. Both Mrs. Wolf and Ms. Beth Young have received NSDA training as Belonging and Inclusion Advocates in order to help tournament experiences be safe and comfortable for all in attendance.

What is the purpose of a Belonging and Inclusion Station?

The BIS may serve as a resource for any student, coach, judge, or official participating at an NSDA-sponsored tournament. Complaints may be filed if an individual feels as if an instance of harassment and/or discrimination has occurred. Examples include:

    • Perceived discriminatory practice on the basis of (but not limited to) race/color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity/expression, age, disability, sexual orientation, and/or veteran or military status.
    • Perceived retaliation, harassment, or intimidation due to an individual’s filing of a complaint or participating in an intake regarding a violation of the NSDA’s harassment and discrimination policies.