Newman Smith Spontaneity 44

2023 — Carrollton, TX/US

Novice Policy Packet

Novice: The novice policy division competitors must use the NDCA Novice Packet, following the rollout schedule outlinedhere. Only authorized NDCA files will be allowed in our novice policy division.

No changes to the files [including tags or evidence] will be allowed. Debaters are encouraged to make their own non-carded arguments, as analytical arguments and extensions, including overviews and explanations of arguments.

Anyone registering novice policy teams should plan to abide by the evidence restrictions in the division. Novice policy judges will be educated about the packet and the restrictions prior to judging in the division. Schools will be expected to educate their judges about the packet and restrictions prior to the tournament.

If you are unfamiliar with the NDCA Novice Packet,please review here. There are additional novice resources available at, including a demonstration debate using novice files.