Loyola Invitational

2023 — Los Angeles, CA/US

Equity/Ombudsperson Form and Procedure


The ombudsperson form is to address issues of:

Racist, Sexist, Homophobic remarks, or inappropriate/unprofessional behavior in round.

The ombudsperson form isNOTto address issues of:

Judge Decisions, Card Clipping, Disclosure, Appealing a Judge's Decision, and other argument/decision related matters.

Only aCoach or Supervising Adultcan contact the tournament regarding this matter. If you are a student who needs to utilize this resource, your first point of contact should be your Coach or Supervising Adult.

If you require this form, please email one of the Loyola Head Coaches. Their names and emails are listed below.

This email will go to one of two Loyola Employees

(You can either send a general request for review. If you feel more comfortable with one of these head coaches, please place an Attention and the Coach's name in your request for review.)

James Zucker (jzucker@loyolahs.edu)

Zachary Sandoval (zsandoval@loyolahs.edu)


1. Students should talk to their coach/supervising adult

2. The Coach/Supervising Adult will send an email to one of the coaches above to request the equity form

3. Our Ombudsperson, a Loyola High School employee who is trained in these issues, will review the case. The Ombudsperson will then interview the relevant individuals.

4. The Ombudsperson will make a decision that one of the Loyola High School coaches will report out to the individuals involved in the matter.

One of them will put you in touch with the resource/equity officer and they will contact you to address your concerns ASAP.