Grey Matter Invitational at Cary Academy

2022 — Cary, NC, NC/US

Judging Requirements

Schools are required to supply

●One PF judge for every 3 entries (or fraction thereof) in PF

●One LD judge for every 3 entries (or fraction thereof) in L­D

●One Speech judge for every 4 entries (or fraction thereof) in Speech

●One Congress judgefor every 8 entries (or fraction thereof) in Congress (At the time of registration, please indicate if the judge is qualified to serve as parliamentarian)

All Speech and Congress judges are obligated for all rounds of competition. LD and PF judges are obligated for one round beyond the last round in which competitors from that school compete.

Hired Judge Fees:

There will be a limited number of hired judges available for the following rates:

$75 for each speech Judge

$100 for each LD, PF, or Congress judge