CHSSA Middle School State Championship

2023 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

CHSSA Rules and Regulations and Protest Instructions

The CHSSA MS State Tournament shall abide by CHSSA Rules for all events. Those rules and regulations are linked here: We shall abide by Stanford Rules for SPAR.

Some important rules and regulations specific to CHSSA include:

  1. Mandated 2 minutes of Prep with a 5 minute speaking time in Impromptu.
  2. Sides will be assigned in PF for all preliminary rounds. Elimination Rounds shall be flip for SIDES only. This coinflip will be done via Tabroom. The Pro will ALWAYS speak first. The Con will always speak second.
  3. LD and PF may not offer plans or counterplans in Debate.
  4. Judges in Debate should not request to be put on email chains or offer to set up email chains for any round.

Please take a moment to review these rules and expectations with your judges and students.

If you believe that a CHSSA Rule was broken by a speaker in round and you would like to file a protest, please contact or go to the Judges' Lounge Zoom link and speak directly to a Tournament Official. We will provide you with a protest form to fill out after we affirm that you have standing and grounds to file a protest. Protests will be adjudicated by Angelique Ronald and other Tournament Officials, including but not limited to individual event Tabroom Officials and the Tournament Director. DO NOT SUBMIT PROTESTS TO THE EQUITY INTAKE FORM.