CHSSA Middle School State Championship

2023 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Official Schedule

Tentative Schedule for CHSSA Middle School State Tournament

Pattern A Speech: SPAR, DI, EXT, INFO, OI, POI

Pattern B Speech: DUO, OPP, HI, IMP, OO/OA

***Cross Entry between Congress and Speech and Debate and Speech is ALLOWED. Cross Entry between Congress and Debate is PROHIBITED.***

***Double entry is permitted in Speech. A student may enter up to TWO events in Pattern A and Pattern B for a maximum of four events across the two patterns. If students are double entered or cross entered, it is THEIR and THEIR COACH'S responsibility to ensure that they attend rounds on time. Rounds will NOT be rerun if a student is late to their round. Extra Prep will NOT be given to students in Extemp Prep if they are late to draw. Debate judges will enforce a strict 15 minute forfeit time for all competitors. Speech judges will be instructed to wait 15 minutes after the final speaker has finished speaking for students. If a student does not show up by that time, they will receive last place in the round.***

Thursday, May 11th, 2023

5:00 PM - Congress / LD, PF, Parli / Speech Pattern A Round 1

7:00 PM - LD, PF, Parli Round 2 / Speech Pattern B Round 1

Friday, May 12th, 2023

5:00 PM - Congress Round 2 / LD, PF, Parli Round 3

5:15 PM - Speech Pattern A Round 2 (Prep at 4:45 PM)

7:00 PM - LD, PF, Parli Round 4

7:15 PM - Speech Pattern B Round 2

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

8:00 AM - LD, PF, Parli Round 5

8:15 AM - Speech Pattern A Round 3 (Extemp Prep at 7:45 AM)

10:00 AM - Congress Round 3 / LD, PF, Parli Round 6

10:15 AM - Speech Pattern B Round 3

***Debate will single flight Elimination Rounds given that we have enough judges to fill all panels. Please remind judges that they are obligated to the first FULL Elimination round. So all judges are obligated until the 2 PM Elimination Round.***

12:30 PM - LD, PF, Parli Elim 1

12:45 PM - Speech Elim 1, Round 4 for Speech Events Without Elims (Combined Patterns) (Extemp Prep at 12:15 PM)

2:00 PM - Congress Finals / LD, PF, Parli Elim 2

2:45 PM - Speech Elim 2 (Combined Patterns)

3:30 PM - LD, PF, Parli Elim 3

4:30 PM - Speech Elim 3 (Combined Patterns)

5:00 PM - LD, PF, Parli Elim 4

6:30 PM - LD, PF, Parli Elim 5

***We will ALWAYS push up rounds if we have the judges and the ability to run Rounds faster. Please be on the look out for emails reminders OR for text blasts as necessary.***