VictoryXR Metaverse Challenge

2023 — Online, IA/US

Events Offered

Each student may enter one event for this tournament, as we want to ensure the best experience for coaches, judges, and students alike. We are looking to maximize the number of schools attending, so we are going to limit entries per school to 5 students each initially. All entries will be waitlisted for confirmation initially, as we ensure all are equally represented. We know the list below is not every event possible, but we feel it represents a large variety of events for our first ever tournament in virtual reality.

All events will follow NSDA guidelines. Please see below for any VR specific changes we currently anticipate on an event-by-event basis. As the tournament date approaches, we will email out any additional information that is pertinent to coaches/students/judges. The following events will be offered:

Extemporaneous Speaking - Extemp Draw will take place in a Zoom session, with the speech itself taking place on the VictoryXR Campus on the ENGAGE Platform.

Informative Speaking - Students will have access to some pre-existing online visual elements through the ENGAGE Platform. Please ask about this during your training session for more information from the VictoryXR staff.

Impromptu- Students will receive prompts in their designated VictoryXR Campus room on the ENGAGE Platform.

Public Forum Debate - Modified Times will be utilized, along with a specific topic for ease of use.

Student Congress - Students will be participating in 4 smaller/shorter sessions of Student Congress. Participating schools will be asked to submit no more than 2 pieces of legislation for Congressional Debate. Any additional legislation needed will be obtained from the NSDA Congress Legislation Packets from January - May. Each session of Congress will be assigned 2-3 pieces of legislation for debate.