VictoryXR Metaverse Challenge

2023 — Online, IA/US

Mandatory Training Dates/Times

VictoryXR will be providing mandatory training for all participants/judges as we navigate the VictoryXR Campus on ENGAGE. These dates/time blocks are currently tentative, but will be finalized before March 1st. Our plan is to offer the following training sessions:

Monday, May 1st – 6pm – 8pm CST (Session 1 6pm-7pm, Session 2 7pm-8pm)

Thursday, May 4th – 6pm – 8pm CST (Session 3 6pm-7pm, Session 4 7pm-8pm)

The current tentative plan will be to have participants/judges sign up for a particular 60-minute block of time during one of these four possible sessions as we lead up to the tournament date. Our current starting point would be:

20 minutes of direct lessons on the basics of navigating in VR / ENGAGE

20 minutes of 'free time' to navigate/use skills as described

20 minutes of question/answer/event specific items (like Informative Speech visuals, using the tablet for Congress, etc.).

As we get closer to the date, we will be adding specific time blocks for judges, as well as some event specific sessions. As this is our first venture into the VR space, we want to ensure that students and judges feel comfortable and competent as they navigate this new realm.