Bentonville Wild West Final Frontier

2023 — Centerton, AR/US

Impromptu & Extemp Topic Areas

Impromptu Topics - Bentonville West Final Frontier

Round 1 (Words): Animals and Items Found on the Oregon Trail (example: snake, covered wagon)

Round 2 (Places): The Frontiers of Tomorrow (example: Mars, dystopian future)

Elim #1 (People): Protagonists/Antagonists from Famous Westerns or Western Cult Classics

Elim #2 (Quotes): Quotes from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Elim #3 (Events): Historical Events in the United States Related to Western Expansion

Extemp Topic Areas - Bentonville Wild West Frontier

Round 1 (domestic): 2023 and 2024 Elections in the United States of America

Round 2 (international): Natural Disasters throughout the World

Elim #1 (domestic): Culture-Related Conflict in the United States of America

Elim #2 (international): International Military Conflicts in 2023