Iowa Forensic League State Tournament

2023 — Indianola, IA/US

Extemp and Impromptu Topic Areas

Jesse Meyer has released the topic areas by round for IFL State! Here they are:

International Extemp Topic Areas

Round 1- The Americas (except the US)

Round 2- Europe

Round 3- Africa

Semifinals- International politics

Finals- International conflicts

Domestic Extemp Topic Areas

Round 1- Business Week

Round 2- Social Issues

Round 3- Pop Culture

Semifinals- Politics

Finals- Last week in review

Impromptu Topic Areas

Round 1- School Daze (all about school)

Round 2- Masterchef (all about food/eating/cooking)

Round 3- A Series of Unfortunate Events (all about worst case scenarios)

Semifinals- The shopping mall (shopping/stores/retail)

Finals- ???? (I’m not telling. You’ll have to wait and see)