The 2023 Rushmore Challenge

2023 — Harrisburg, SD/US

Foreign Extemp Questions

Do China-India border clashes indicate that the two powers are heading for a more serious conflict?

Is Sudan on the road to democracy?

Is the European Union in danger of losing its value to member nations?

Is the impeachment of Pedro Castillo a win for democracy in Peru?

Should NATO members increase military aid to Ukraine?

What actions should Giorgia Meloni take to strengthen Italy’s economy?

What priorities should guide US foreign policy toward Africa?

What will loss of biodiversity mean for Earth’s future?

Who do many consider Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency a disappointment?

Will the Chinese government come to regret easing its COVID policies?

How can the U.S. be a better ally to Japan?

How will China’s new handling of COVID-19 cases affect the world economy?

Should Burkina Faso and Mali invite greater international support in their fight against extremists?

Should the African Union join the European Union with a seat in the Group of Twenty (G20)?

What are the driving forces behind the recent tensions between Kosovo and Serbia?

What do improving relations between Turkey and Syria mean for the region?

Why is Sudan’s economy in turmoil?

Will Myanmar’s military junta grow stronger or weaker in 2023?

Will Peru’s government be able to quell political violence in the months ahead?

What signal was China sending to the U.S. with its spy balloon?

Should the British Conservative Party roll back Brexit?

Why has Argentina failed to tame its inflation crisis?

Will Pope Francis’ African visits provide a boost for LGBTQ+ rights across Africa?

Should Australia become a republic?

Are neighboring countries making Peru’s democratic crisis worse?

Have Western oil sanctions on Russia failed?

What should be Pervez Musharraf’s legacy?

Is the EAC’s intervention in Eastern Congo falling short of expectations?

How should the international community respond to China’s “re-education camps” in Xinjiang?

In light of the US’ failed attempts at negotiation, what steps should South Korea take to contain the North Korean threat?

Will the coronavirus-related economic slowdown in Asian countries cause a global recession?

What steps should the US take to prevent Chinese academic espionage at American universities?

Should the British government withdraw from the Northern Ireland Protocol?

Could the Wagner Group become a threat to Vladimir Putin’s hold on power?

Will 2023 be a year of disorder across Central Asia?

Does Bangladesh need to loosen restrictions on Rohingya refugees?

What steps should the new Brazilian government take to better protect the Amazon?

Can India provide significant counter-terrorism assistance to African nations?=

Should Peru move its elections forward?

Are Egypt’s economic difficulties a threat to al-Sisi’s regime?

Should Mercosur seek a free trade agreement with China?

Who is winning the “shadow war” between Iran and Israel?

How much longer will the Syrian Civil War last?

Does the world need a new global convention about the moon?

Is South Africa’s “developmental state” policy failing?

Is Peru’s state of emergency making its political situation worse?

Should Chinese policymakers worry about its shrinking population?

Why has the international community found it difficult to curtail North Korea’s nuclear program?

What would a post-globalization world look like?

Is Germany’s approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict misguided?

Should Saudi Arabia cease its funding of LIV Golf?

Should South Korea pursue its own nuclear program?

What should Lula da Silva do to restore calm after the “Bolsonarista” uprisings?

Is Turkey becoming a drone superpower?

Should Germany’s coalition government ban the AfD?

To what extent did the Iranian government win its battle with protesters?

Should the World Bank play a major role in funding nuclear power projects in the developing world?

Has the ANC become too corrupt to lead South Africa?

Does Great Britain need to make significant changes to the NHS?

Will Kishida Fumio still be Japan’s prime minister at the end of the year?

How can African countries become less dependent on Western aid?

Should more countries impose COVID testing rules on Chinese travelers?

Have anti-government protests in Iran run out of steam?

Will Israel’s new right-wing government spark another intifada?

Should Ukraine try to take Crimea?

What impact will growing inflation have on Justin Trudeau’s government?

Was India right to postpone its census?

What needs to happen to get Sudan’s democratic transition back on track?

Are tensions between Germany and Poland weakening NATO?

Will there be a major global recession in 2023?

What lessons about drone warfare can the world glean from the Russia-Ukrainian conflict?

Should Lula’s government pursue a criminal investigation of Bolsanaro?

Will 2023 see an end to the war in Ukraine?

How will greater defense spending by Japan affect its East Asian neighbors?

Will Vladimir Putin still lead Russia by the end of 2023?

What grade does Olaf Scholz’s coalition government deserve after its first year in office?

Does the Catholic Church need to continue the path paved by Pope Francis or revert to that of Pope Benedict XVI?

To what degree should international aid organizations continue to work with the Taliban despite increased restrictions on women?

Does Mexico need to erect greater immigration restrictions?

Should Belarus continue to align itself with Russia?