The 2023 Rushmore Challenge

2023 — Harrisburg, SD/US

Domestic Extemp Questions

1. Should the US be more generous in granting temporary work visas?

2. Should US businesses be prohibited from enforcing non-compete clauses?

3. How can healthcare professionals address unconscious bias?

4. Should students be required to participate in extracurricular activities?

5. Why has US drug policy failed to curb the fentanyl overdose crisis?

6. Should the U.S. begin to treat Mexican cartel leaders the same as terrorists?

7. How can the US government increase participation rates of gender minorities in STEM fields?

8. Do non-compete clauses do more good than harm?

9. To what extent should parents be held legally liable for the actions of their children in a school shooting?

10. What steps should policy makers take to address shortages of healthcare staff and facilities?

11. Will the United States experience a recession next year?

12. Is the growing prevalence of sports betting bad for America?

13. How should the US healthcare system respond to nursing shortages?

14. How optimistic should we be about the prospects for nuclear fusion energy?

15. How will AI services like ChatGPT disrupt the status quo?

16. How will Kyrsten Sinema’s departure affect the Democratic Party?

17. Is Joe Biden a politically viable presidential candidate for 2024?

18. Is Ron DeSantis the clear favorite to win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination?

19. Should American cities enact rent control policies?

20. Should Georgia scrap its runoff system for general elections?

21. Should the US be more generous in granting temporary work visas?

22. Why has US drug policy failed to curb the fentanyl overdose crisis?

23. Will 2023 see fewer supply-chain related shortages?

24. How should the U.S. handle classified documents following discovery of Presidents Trump and Biden and Vice President Pence?

25. How can U.S. downtowns rebound from the declining use of office space

26. How can the U.S. healthcare system better meet the needs of aging patients?

27. How should President Biden handle the debt ceiling crisis?

28. How should the juvenile justice system in the U.S. be improved at the state level?

29. Is 2023 a critical year for abortion laws at the state level?

30. Should the Title 42 border policy be ended?

31. Will his approach to controversial cultural issues help Gov. Ron DeSantis win the GOP Presidential nomination?

32. Will Kevin McCarthy be an effective Speaker of the House?

33. Will unemployment become a growing problem for the U.S. economy in 2023?

34. Did the Biden administration appropriately respond to the Chinese spy balloon?

35. Should the U.S. provide fighter jets to Ukraine?

36. Will the DNC’s alterations to its primary calendar cost it New Hampshire in 2024?

37. Should Karine Jean-Pierre be replaced as White House Press Secretary?

38. How could Nikki Haley capture the 2024 Republican presidential nomination?

39. Will the mainstream American media ever regain the trust of the public?

40. To what degree did Governor Ron DeSantis win his fight with the College Board over AP African American Studies?

41. Should entertainment awards continue to divide acting categories by gender?

42. How will artificial intelligence affect the lives of Americans over the next decade?

43. Should the U.S. put more money into nuclear fusion research

44. To what extent will the horrific death of Tyre Nichols impact the debate over police reform?

45. Does Kyrsten Sinema have a path to return to the Senate in 2024

46. Is the U.S. dangerously escalating the Russia-Ukraine War?

47. Can the Federal Reserve tame inflation without creating a recession?

48. Is the GOP’s FairTax Act a big gift to Democrats?

49. How can the U.S. enhance electric vehicle adoption while simultaneously reducing negative environmental impacts such a policy would have on developing nations?

50. Should Joe Manchin run for president in 2024?

51. Does the U.S. need to alter its present relationship with Ethiopia?

52. Should Congress abolish the debt ceiling?

53. What will be the most important governor’s race of the 2024 cycle?

54. Will the placing of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert on the House Oversight Committee hurt the GOP’s 2024 electoral prospects?

55. What is the most important case that the Supreme Court will hear in its next term?

56. Has the Biden administration responded poorly to his mishandling of classified documents?

57. Are criminal charges against Alec Baldwin a case of prosecutorial overreach?

58. Have discipline policies become too lax in America’s schools?

59. Will George Santos serve his full term?

60. To what extent is U.S. inflation driven by corporate profits?

61. How far should the U.S. go in assisting Somalia’s fight against al-Shabab?

62. Should the U.S. begin to treat Mexican cartel leaders the same as terrorists?

63. How would a President DeSantis change American education policy?

64. What impact does the revelation of President Biden’s possession of classified documents have on the ongoing investigation of former President Trump about the same issue?

65. Should the U.S. expel Jair Bolsonaro?

66. What impact will the retirement of Debbie Stabenow have on the 2024 congressional elections?

67. Is there any ground for compromise between the Biden administration and House Republicans?

68. How long will it take U.S. schools to overcome the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic?

69. Should U.S businesses be prohibited from enforcing non-compete clauses?

70. How will the House’s adoption of CUTGO rules impact future budget negotiations with the White House?

71. Should the U.S. replace its income tax with a national consumption tax?

72. To what extent should parents be held legally liable for the actions of their children in a school shooting?

73. Would closer economic ties to Latin American nations help the U.S. solve the Western Hemisphere’s migrant crisis?

74. What progress has the U.S. Government made to address racially discriminatory policing practices?

75. How can the criminal justice system be reformed to lessen the impact of racial bias?

76. What should the Democratic Party do to mobilize Hispanic voters?

77. How can the Republican Party best grow its support among Hispanic voters?

78. How should the United States deal with those seeking asylum from troubled Latin American nations?

79. How should K-12 social studies curriculum place more a greater emphasis on Hispanic history and culture?

80. Is there enough funding being spent to help Americans with disabilities pursue higher education?

81. Should the Biden Administration increase immigration quotas for high-skilled workers?

82. Do schools adequately teach the history of native and indigenous people in the United States?