Bulldog Invitational

2016 — Bettendorf, IA/US


Tentative Schedule
The following schedule is tentative, but will be followed as strictly as possible.  We will accelerate this schedule whenever possible. Please do not leave the building for any reason. If there are any changes to the schedule, you will be the first to know. 
Debate Schedule
We are going to do our best to single-flight debate events – it would help out immensely if all schools could do their best to fulfill their judging obligation so we can make this happen.  If not, we will likely see some delays in some events.  Thanks for your help!
Friday, November 11th


 3:45pm – 4:15pm                              Tournament Registration
4:30pm                                                Judge Meeting
5:00pm                                                LD Round 1 / PF Round 1 / Policy Round 1
6:30pm                                                LD Round 2 / PF Round 2
Dinner Break
8:00pm                                                LD Round 3 / PF Round 3 / Policy Round 2
Saturday, November 12th


 8:00am                                                Policy Round 3
9:00am                                                LD Round 4 / PF Round 4
10:30am                                             LD Round 5 / PF Round 5
Lunch Break
11:00am                                             Policy Round 4
12:30pm                                             LD Quarterfinals / PF Quarterfinals
2:00pm                                                LD Semifinals / PF Semifinals / Policy Semifinals
3:30pm                                                LD Finals / PF Finals
5:00pm                                                Policy Finals
5:30pm                                                Awards
Congress Schedule
Friday, November 11th


 3:45pm – 4:15pm                             Tournament Registration
4:30pm                                                Judge Meeting
4:45pm                                                Congress convenes
6:45pm                                                Recess for Dinner Break
7:15pm                                                Congress reconvenes
9:15pm                                                Congress adjourns (Congress awards presented during Saturday awards)
IE Schedule
Saturday, November 12th


 7:45am                                                Tournament Registration (only for schools competing Saturday only)
8:30am                                                IE/BQ Round 1 (Extemp Draw 8:00am)
10:15am                                              IE/BQ Round 2 (Extemp Draw 9:45am)
Lunch Break
11:45am                                              IE/BQ Round 3 (Extemp Draw 11:15am)
1:30pm                                                IE/BQ Round 4 (Extemp Draw 1:00pm)
3:00pm                                                IE/BQ Finals, Rotation 1
4:15pm                                                IE/BQ Finals, Rotation 2
5:30pm                                                Awards