Bulldog Invitational

2016 — Bettendorf, IA/US


Judging Requirements


We ask that all schools do their best to fulfill their judging requirement.  Please be sure to include all judge restrictions such as school blocks or division restrictions.  Schools are required to provide judging up to ONE (1) round past their teams’ final drop.  We reserve the right to use available judges in other judging pools, as necessary.  Judging requirements are as follows:


Lincoln-Douglas:         1 judge for every 3 competitors or every part thereof.


Policy:                         1 judge for every 2 teams or every part thereof.  Judge obligation must be fulfilled.


Public Forum:              1 judge for every 3 teams or every part thereof.


Individual Events:        1 judge for every 6 competitors or every part thereof.


Student Congress:        1 judge for every 6 competitors or every part thereof.


A very limited amount of judges will be available for hire at the following rates:


Lincoln-Douglas:        $200


Policy:                         Unavailable; must be covered by school.  Varsity students are allowed to judge.


Public Forum:             $150


Individual Events:       $150


Congress:                    $150



The last day to hire judges will be Sunday, November 6th, 2016.