North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2023 — TX/US

North Texas Longhorns District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Individual Events
Plano Senior High School
Plano, TX
Fri 2/24 Sat 2/25 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Robinson Fine Arts Center Plano
Thu 3/2 Thu 3/2 HSE SEN
Jasper HS, Plano
Plano, TX
Fri 3/3 Sat 3/4 LD CX PF

North Texas Longhorn District IE & Debate Tournament Schedule

Schedule for the 2023 North Texas Longhorn District IE & Debate Tournament

Individual Event Schedule

(All events will be held at Plano Senior HS) (Please note the change in schedule 2/16)

Friday, February 24

4:30pm Round 1 (OO, INFO, FX, DX)

6:00pm Round 1 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

7:30pm Round 2 (OO, INFO, FX, DX)

Saturday, February 25

8:00am Round 2 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

9:30am Round 3 (OO, INFO, FX, DX)

11:00am Round 3 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

12:30pm OO Semifinals; INFO Final

2:00pm DI & POI Finals

3:30pm IX & US Semifinals; OO Final

6:00pm IX & US Finals

*Extemp Draw will begin 30 minutes prior to round start time

**Elimination round breaks will be determined by the number of entries in that individual speaking event. In any event with less than 15 entries, the event will break directly to a final round of the top six competitors. Events with 15 entries or larger will break to a semifinal round with at least 10 total competitors. The final round will have at least six competitors. If an event has at least 10 entries, we will have three qualifiers in that event. If the event has less than 10 but 4 or more, two entries will qualify for the national tournament. Event with less than four will not have qualifying slots to the national tournament. Events breaking straight to a final round will take place in the Elim 1 time slot. If an event has 8 competitors or less, qualification will be based on the three preliminary rounds.

Debate Schedule

(All events will take place at Jasper HS)

Friday, March 3

4:45pm Round 1 Policy Debate

4:45pm Round 1 LD/PF Debate (single flighted if possible)

6:15pm Round 2 LD/PF Debate (single flighted if possible)

7:15pm Round 2 Policy Debate

8:15pm Round 3 LD/PF Debate (single flighted if possible)

Saturday, March 4

9:00am Round 3 Policy Debate

9:00am Round 4 LD/PF Debate (single flighted if possible)

11:00am Elim 1 LD/PF Debate

11:30am Round 4 Policy Debate

1:00pm Elim 2 LD/PF Debate

1:00pm Elim 1 Policy Debate

3:00pm Elim 3 LD/PF Debate

3:30pm Elim 2 Policy Debate

5:00pm Elim 4 LD/PF Debate

*If elimination rounds are needed in Policy Debate, they will take place as indicated on the schedule

**The number of elimination rounds will be dependent on the number of entries and the qualification level for the national tournament. The elimination rounds will be double elimination.