UNT John S Gossett Memorial High School Tournament

2022 — Denton, TX/US

Student Lounges and Hospitality

Student Lounge / Hangout Area:

Since there is not a large cafeteria space for students/teams to gather we are providing these two large lecture halls for students / teams to gather between rounds. There will be a concession with drinks and snacks in the BLS B student lounge on Saturday.

Debate Student Lounge – GAB 104

IE Student Lounge – BLB 180


Hospitality Room / Judge Lounge:

We will offer a wide assortment of snacks and drinks throughout the tournament. Coffee will be available Saturday morning. Dinner will be provided on Friday and lunch will be provided on Saturday. 

Debate Judges – GAB 310 (East side of campus)

IE Judges – BLB 060 (West side of campus)