Salado Online TFA

2023 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Schedule UPDATED 1/12

Friday, January 13th UPDATED

5:00 PM CX, LD and PF Round 1

Congress Prelims

5:30 PM WSD Round 1

6:00 PM LD and PF Round 2

6:45 PM WSD Round 2

7:00 PM CX Round 2

7:15 PM LD and PF Round 3

8:00 PM Congress Finals

8:30 PM LD and PF Round 4

WSD Round 3 (Impromptu) Prep will begin at 8:30 PM

9:00 PM CX Round 3

Saturday, January 14th UPDATED

8:00 AM IE Pattern A Round One (DI, DUO, INFO, OO, POE, POI)

9:00 AM IE Pattern B Round One (DA, DX, FX, HI, NX, PR)

Extemp Round One Draw

9:30 AM Extemp Round One

10:30 AM IE Pattern A Round Two (DI, DUO, INFO, POI) / Semis (OO)

11:00 AM CX Round 4

WSD Semis (if needed)

PF Quarters

LD Partial Octs (if needed)

12:00 PM PF Semis (PANELED)

LD Quarters

1:30 PM IE Pattern B Round Two/Semis

Extemp Round Two (NX) / Semis Draw (FX and DX)

2:00 PM Extemp Round Two (NX) and Semis (FX and DX)

3:00 PM CX Quarters



WSD Finals (Impromptu) Prep starts at 3:00 pm

3:30 PM IE Pattern A Finals

4:00 PM LD Finals (PANELED)

4:30 PM IE Pattern B Finals / Extemp Finals Draw

5:00 PM Extemp Finals


7:00 PM CX Finals (PANELED)