Athens TFA and UIL Swing

2022 — Athens, TX/US

UIL and MS A+ schedule

Speech & Debate Schedule

7:30am-8:15am Registration - Registration is in the hub outside the secondary offices. Follow the signs upon entering.

7:45am Extemp Draw - Large Group Instruction Room.

8:15am All Speech Event Preliminaries. This includes the middle school events.

9:30am Debate Round 1, Congressional Debate Prelims (until 12:30pm)

11:15am Debate Round 2

1:00pm Extemp Draw -Large Group Instruction Room.

1:30pm All Speech Event Semifinals (or Round 2 for events with fewer than 24 entries) This includes middle school events.

2:45pm Debate Round 3, Congressional Debate Finals (until 4:45pm)

4:30pm Extemp Draw - Large Group Instruction Room.

5:00pm All Speech Event Finals


UIL Academics Schedule

8:00am Ready Writing (HS and MS A+)

8:30am Number Sense (HS and MS A+)

9:00am Calculator Applications (HS and MS A+), also Computer Applications Set Up

9:30am Current Issues and Events

10:00am Computer Applications, Math (HS and MS A+)

10:30am Copy Editing

11:00am Accounting, News Writing, Science (HS and MS A+), Spelling and Vocabulary A+

12:00pm Feature Writing

1:00pm Computer Science (Written)

1:30pm Editorial Writing (HS and MS A+), Social Studies(HS and MS A+)

2:30pm Headline Writing

3:30pm Literary Criticism