Athens TFA and UIL Swing

2022 — Athens, TX/US

TFA IQT Schedule

Athens TFA IQT Schedule

Friday 11/12/2022

8:30am-9:15am Registration. Registration will be in the hub outside the secondary offices. There will be signs guiding you upon entry.

8:45am Extemp Draw - Large Group Instruction Room

9:15am All Speech Event Preliminaries INCLUDING Duo and Duet Acting

10:15 am Debate Round 1, except for Congress

10:45 Congressional Debate Prelims.

Noon Debate Round 2

2:00 pm Extemp Draw for Semis - Large Group Instruction Room

2:30 pm Extemp Rd 2, all other IE Semis.

3:30 pm Debate Round 3 (Power Matched), Congressional Debate Finals (until 5:45pm)

5:15 pm Extemp Draw for Finals in the Large Group Instruction Room.

5:45pm Extemp and all other IE Final Rounds and Debate Challenge in Tab..

All debate eliminations will proceed as soon as any cross entering conflicts are resolved.