GGSA Congress Parli 2 San Ramon

2022 — San Ramon, CA/US

Parli Schedule & Live Helpline/Topics/Announcements Doc

*LINK to live doc with helpline, round topics & announcements; it's updated throughout the day, so check it often.

STUDENTS: Report to the Parli Prep link.

TABBERS/COACHES/JUDGES: Report to the Coaches/Judges/Tabbers link.

8:00 a.m. Registration
(Tabbers/Judges/Coaches: Report to your designated link for checkin. Debaters: Report to your designated link; get ready to prep.

8:20 a.m. Round 1a Novice Prep

9:00 a.m. Round 1a Novice Debate

9:30 a.m. Round 1b JV/Varsity Prep

10:00 a.m. Round 1b JV/Varsity Debate

10:30 a.m. Round 2a Novice Prep

11:10 a.m. Round 2a Novice Debate

11:40 a.m. Round 2b JV/Varsity Prep

12:10 p.m. Round 2b JV/Varsity Debate

LUNCH (Whenever You Are Free)

12:40 p.m. Round 3a Novice Prep

1:20 p.m. Round 3a Novice Debate

1:50 p.m. Round 3b JV/Varsity Prep

2:20 p.m. Round 3b JV/Varsity Debate

~3:30 p.m. Awards


1) Prep: During prep time (20 minutes for JV and Varsity; 30 for Novice), debaters may use the internet, take notes by hand, and use paper notes during the debate. Other than with the needed tournament links, no computer access during debate UNLESS you have disabilities requiring additional computer accommodation and your coach has already cleared it with the director in advance. Phones, however, can be used by all as timers. Although JV and Varsity debaters may NOT receive real-time assistance with their arguments from persons other than their partner, Novices may consult with teammates or other debaters at the tournament. Coach prep is NOT allowed for any division.

2) Debaters: “Prep” times reflect when debaters should be present in the prep area and ready to go, NOT when the resolution is released. They should go to their online round room at the listed start time; forfeit is ten minutes later. Ex. For Novice Round 1, novices should be in prep room at 8:20 when pairings will be blasted, topic is read at 8:25, debaters be in room at 9:00, forfeit at 9:10 if no show.

3) Judges: Please be in your assigned online room five minutes before the round. ONLY press the round START time on your Tabroom e-ballot once both teams are there. (Those without ballots should use this time to grab refreshments, check their devices, and finish prior round comments.)

4) Protests: All protests should be brought immediately to the attention of event director in the Parli Tab Room. All wishing to protest must bring an adult, ideally the coach. The burden of proof is on the protesting team/coach; they need to supply evidence and the rule broken. Rules/norms from outside organizations will not be considered valid. No team is required to follow any rule that isn't a GGSA rule.

5) Don't be alarmed if you come to your assigned online room, and there is another debate, usually it's in the process of wrapping up. Just wait until it is done. Note that each round is double flighted, meaning each round alternates between one Novice/JV debate and one Varsity debate.

6) All times are approximate. Whenever possible, we will move rounds up in order to expedite the tournament. Sometimes delays occur—please remember that our volunteer-run organization does its best!